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Exclusive Gym Rescue® Licensing Program

Gym Marketing Programs

Access Proven Marketing and Sales Systems designed to create a high volume of Traffic and Boost your Gym’s Recurring Revenue

We are NOT an ad agency. We risk our own money. We work from a commission only. If your gym does not qualify for our Full Scale Sales and Marketing Campaign we offer our trademarked Exclusive Gym Rescue® Licensing Program to select gym owners.   

FUN FACT: We only offer 2 programs and they both are Sales and Marketing campaigns that we have used in every advertising medium over the course of 29 years! The advertising platforms have changed over the years but our concept and business model has never changed. We have Sales blood pumping through our veins and we are currently averaging around 200 members for our lowest performing campaigns at the moment. 

If you are looking for a social media or lead guru that will set you up all kinds of cool funnels, drip campaigns, and what ever else people are selling we are the wrong company for you. That can serve a purpose down the road but GymRescue™ stays in our lane by focusing on what works for us and nothing else. We run aggressive ads that convert into Monthly paying draft members for your gym within 72 hours of the ad running. Period. We don’t count leads. We have two stats… Appointments & Deals. You can follow up on any missed deals when we’re gone.

**Limited to One Gym per Market**
To see if your gym qualifies Call  1-844-417-7217
You can also fill out a gym profile directly on our website at the link below.