We bring you hundreds of new members at no cost or risk to you!

Proven success.
We’ve helped over 2,500 gyms for the past 25 years.

Gym Rescue Marketing Cash Flow
  • GET 250-700 NEW MEMBERS IN 30 DAYS
  • $3k – $14k PER MONTH IN ETF’S

Ok, what do you do?

Simply put, we create a custom tailored marketing campaign designed to bring you new gym memberships. We’ve been helping gyms and gym owners for over 25 years using a system with a proven track record.

What do you get out of it?

We don’t win unless you win. We put up all of the capital and resources to bring you new members. If we fail to deliver on that promise, we lose money and our reputation for proven success. That simple.

Why are you willing to help us?

We want you to succeed and we know how to do it! We understand the challenging position many gym owners are in, especially now. “How much is my overhead?” and “Will my drafts cover my overhead?” We get it. The obvious key is to these problems is NEW MEMBERS.

Ok, I get it, start sending new gym memberships to me ASAP!

Would you rather pick up the phone and call us?

Still Not Convinced Gym Rescue Marketing® Can Deliver Results? 

Look at these REAL RESULTS from Gym Rescue Marketing® case study summaries all over the country.
These are just a few gyms we’ve worked with since Covid hit.  We not only helped them save their gyms from closure during Covid restrictions but have even increased their memberships and EFT’s.

Kiai Martial Arts

South Hill, Washington
June 2019 – 5 week promo
553 New Gym Members
$433,115 in Membership Sales

Funatics Fitness

Galloway, New Jersey
February 2019 – 3 week promo
280 New Gym Members
$231,595 in Membership Sales

The Gym

Traverse City, Michigan
January 2021 – 2 week promo
198 New Gym Members
$156,230 in Membership Sales

Neighborhood Boxing Club

Columbus, Ohio
June 2020 – 2 week promo
178 New Gym Members
$139,422 in Membership Sales

Nick Catone MMA

Brick, New Jersey
December 2018 – 3 week promo
394 New Gym Members
$322,566 in Membership Sales

Resurrection Fitness

O’Fallon, Montana
April 2019 – 3 week promo
298 New Gym Members
$217,959 in Membership Sales

Signatures Training Academy

Brodheadsville, PA
January 2021 – 1 1/2 week promo
111 New Gym Members
$75,082 in Membership Sales

Neighborhood Boxing

Columbus, Ohio
June 2019 – 4 week promo
410 New Gym Members
$276,639 in Membership Sales

Apex MMA

Tucson, Arizona
February 2019 – 3 week promo
299 New Gym Members
$185,430 in Membership Sales

ST Turf

Brownstown, Michigan
January 2021 – 2 week promo
332 New Gym Members
$258,088 in Membership Sales

Signature Boxing & Fitness

Scranton, Pennsylvania
April 2019 – 4 week promo
392 New Gym Members
$264,158 in Membership Sales

Signature Boxing & Fitness

Scranton, Pennsylvania
April 2019 – 4 week promo
392 New Gym Members
$264,158 in Membership Sales

Physiques Finest

Brigham City, Utah
June 2020 – 2 week promo
192 New Gym Members
$118,685 in Membership Sales

For Over 25 years, We’ve Delivered Thousands of Similar Results…



Sometimes Seeing Is Believing

Hear directly from our customers with our face to face video testimonials from real gym owners who went thru the Gym Rescue Marketing® program and increased revenue and added memberships. We deliver results.

Our Benefits

By using Gym Rescue Marketing®’s specialized fitness marketing services, you could get the following benefits and more – from members who never would have otherwise entered your Gym!

    • You could have 200-500 new monthly draft members in just 3-4 weeks.


    • Your health club’s / Gyms monthly receivables will increase.


    • You could net $3,000.00-$10,000.00 per month in additional receivables for your health club / Gym.


    • We do not use discount pricing. (We actually raise prices in most Gyms!)


    • With a greater receivables base, the Value and Net Worth of your health club / Gym will increase.


    • We offer daily reporting and complete financial accountability.


    • We help you reach your untapped market.


    • We provide guaranteed results – at no risk to you.


    • We offer the highest success rate in the health club / Gym industry.


    • You will get an edge on your competition.


    • Your health club / Gym can profit $3,000-$10,000 per month in personal training.


    • We help you reach out to the “couch potato” market.


    • We help to create excitement about your fitness center throughout the community.


    • We expose your health club / Gym to potential customers who don’t know about your services.


    • We develop a long term marketing plan for your health club / Gym and market.


Health Club & Gym Pre-Sales

What do I do now?

So, your gym is built, and you’re thinking, “What do I do now?”

Don’t worry. Gym Rescue Marketing® has you covered. We have been responsible for numerous health club and Gym  pre-sales and grand openings of our own and for our clients. And we have found one thing to be certain — if a health club / Gym does not open on the right foot, it is much harder to establish itself against the competition later. Gym Rescue Marketing® has a unique and proven method for marketing a health club’s and gyms pre-sale activities. Our health club / Gym pre-sale marketing strategy includes press coverage, grand opening parties, Social Media, direct response and passive marketing, corporate membership programs, and much more. We will set up the strategies necessary to build your health club / Gym membership with primarily those important monthly draft receivables for the long-term stability of your health club / gym. In many instances, Gym Rescue Marketing® has on multiple occasions had a health club / gyms monthly overhead covered before the doors open.

We have a wealth of knowledge available to the new or first-time gym owner about every aspect of the industry. Call 1-844-417-7217 to find out how Gym Rescue Marketing® can help you.

Health Club / Gym Reopenings

Gym Rescue Marketing® can help you prepare for your grand (re)opening

Are you looking for help with the opening of a health club, Martial Arts Gym or Boutique Fitness Center? Are you uncertain about the correct placement of the equipment?
The most effective building layout and design? Implementing a sales program? How to begin a personal training program?

Gym Rescue Marketing® can help you prepare for your grand opening with our health club / Gym development program. We have been involved with countless health club and gym startups from the “idea on a napkin” level to the “doors are open to the public.” We can help you with every aspect of your gym from choosing a billing company to setting your price structure.

We take pride in the Gyms that participate in our health club development program and wish nothing but their continued success in the business. Gym Rescue Marketing® will give your health club / Gym the daily and weekly guidance necessary to create a profitable business you can enjoy for many years to come. Our knowledge of the health club & Gym business is tremendous, and you will be able to see the results.