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MMA Gym Marketing Strategy for Monthly Growth

mma gym marketing tips

You can attract and sign up New Mixed Martial Arts Members every month with this strategy. Regardless of what kind of gym you are, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, or even traditional martial arts, you can find creative and fruitful ways to appeal to people that would not ordinarily contact your gym, either due to intimidation, or because they have a misconception of your martial art (because they equate it with cage fighting, men only, too violent, etc.).

Consider offering a FREE self-defense class or fitness seminar that’s unique to your gym. Invite all of your students and ask them to help promote the event through their social media etc. See about getting a press release published for free in your local event social media pages, colleges, K-12 schools, newspapers, and possibly even news stations, since you’re teaching the general public a valuable lesson as a community service.

A self defense seminar gives your community a chance to see your facility and gain a positive introduction as to what you teach. You can use this opportunity to dispel any misconceptions people may have about your martial art or particular fitness concept.

You must be adequately prepared and maintain a professional image in order to succeed at your event. Have a dedicated area with staff, sign in sheets, flyers, business cards, and the ability to schedule an appointment, all focused on offering non-members a free one-on-one introduction session, as long as they sign up for it while at the seminar.

Make sure you get every person to sign in so they can be added to your email, and other marketing lists. Have several staff members available to handle questions, ensuring beforehand that you will all be sending a consistent message about the gym, quoting the same prices, schedule, techniques, benefits of the Martial Art or fitness regimen etc.

Remember, the hardest part in getting new gym members is getting them through the door, so be creative and consistent in trying new promotions to attract new members!

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