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Gym Membership Retention Statistics and Tips


Acquiring a new gym member can be nine times pricier than keeping an existing one. Emphasizing member retention saves costs and sets the stage for long-term gym success.

A high average gym retention rate means members find the gym experience satisfying and are inclined to stay for the long term. By prioritizing the satisfaction of current members, you build a foundation for steady revenue growth.

In this blog, we explore essential gym membership retention statistics every gym owner should know.

Global Fitness Industry Statistics

The health and fitness market is projected to experience a 10.46% annual growth rate, reaching an estimated market volume of US$6.73 billion by 2027.

As more people seek fitness-related services, gyms face increased competition. Currently, there are around 205,180 health and fitness clubs worldwide. These establishments account for approximately 184.59 million gym memberships. 

To stand out, gym owners must be innovative in attracting and retaining members. By staying attentive to what members want, gyms bring in new clients and build a loyal community.

Gym Membership Retention Statistics

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), traditional health clubs average a 71.4% retention rate, while personal training studios are at 80%.

The average gym membership retention sits at 4.7 years. Retention rates vary and can be influenced by location, demographic composition and the type of amenities and services you offer.

Cancellation Rates

Turnover is a natural part of operating a gym and should be anticipated to a certain degree. However, knowing the reasons behind cancellations can minimize membership churn. By listening to feedback and making positive changes, gyms can create an environment that encourages retention.

Approximately 8% of male and 14% of female gym-goers decide to end their memberships within a year. Additionally, half of all new gym members quit within the initial six months, often due to a lack of motivation.

What Variables Help Determine Gym Membership Retention Statistics?

Membership Plans and Pricing

Membership cost and flexible pricing can influence retention rates. Approximately 37% prioritize price and contract terms when choosing a gym. Flexible plans cater to diverse budgets, making the gym accessible to a broader audience. Balancing cost and flexibility is crucial for maintaining a positive cash flow.

Engagement and Overall Satisfaction

Positive and satisfying experiences drive member loyalty. Additionally, happy members are crucial in attracting new faces through positive word-of-mouth. Research indicates that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than other forms of advertising.

Physical Environment

Clean and organized facilities and amenities create a positive atmosphere and encourage regular attendance. 

Consider the priorities of individuals when assessing a gym’s appeal:

  • About 25% consider atmosphere and design
  • Nearly 20% prioritize sauna, wellness, and other supplementary services
  • Approximately 35% regard gym equipment and facilities
  • About 21% value the availability of drinks and snacks

Besides well-maintained facilities, meeting members’ diverse needs is vital. Modern equipment, well-kept locker rooms and specialized workout areas boost satisfaction and average gym membership retention rate.

Customer Service

Around 26% of gym members emphasize the significance of staff. A friendly staff that offers personalized attention and prompt problem-solving contributes to a positive experience. 

Moreover, two interactions per month between staff and members can decrease cancellations by up to 33%. When members see that their concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently, it strengthens their commitment to the gym.

Selection of Fitness Programs

About 18% of gym members consider courses and classes crucial when evaluating a gym. Repetitive workouts or fitness classes can lead to boredom. Diversifying your workout programs to accommodate various interests and fitness levels can enhance satisfaction and foster long-term commitment.

Community and Socialization

Fitness club members who don’t participate in group exercises face a 56% higher likelihood of canceling their memberships. Organizing events and group classes brings together people with similar fitness goals and creates a sense of community. When members feel welcomed and supported, they are more inclined to stay.

Understanding what variables help determine gym membership retention statistics can help you identify areas for improvement and implement strategies that nurture customer loyalty

Ways to Improve Membership Retention

Offer Personalized Experiences

Personalization builds stronger relationships. Begin by collecting vital information about your gym members, including birthdays, attendance, goals, purchases, and equipment usage.

Send personalized emails or messages based on the data you’ve gathered. For instance, if a client prefers specific equipment, share usage tips or workout videos related to that equipment for a more effective workout. Further, consider giving exclusive discounts on their birthday or membership anniversary as a special treat.

Offering personalized content and exclusive deals makes members feel their fitness journey is valued. This encourages membership renewal and more significant investment in your fitness services.

Foster a Sense of Community

A supportive community makes the gym welcoming and enjoyable. Socializing enhances the experience, and members are likely to stick to their fitness routines when surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Keep members engaged by introducing group fitness classes and monthly fitness challenges. Create a Facebook group for members to share tips, success stories, and meal plans, encouraging further interaction and involvement.

Seek Feedback Regularly

Feedback lets you understand members’ changing fitness needs. Members who feel heard and valued are more likely to become loyal patrons.

Make it easy for members to leave feedback. You can set up a physical comments box in your gym or install a review widget on your website.

Maximize Customer Retention with Gym Rescue

Customer retention is about providing value in every interaction. At Gym Rescue, we can help you plan and execute effective retention campaigns that nurture enduring relationships.

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